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Finding the ugly beautiful: Be more positive today with this simple trick

Ever feel like your bad luck just won’t end? If it’s not one thing, it’s another? I recently had one of those weeks… and it was VERY difficult to stay positive. Sometimes when your car breaks down, the basement floods, your dog eats the trash, and your kiddo gets the flu in the middle of summer, it’s extremely difficult not to scream at the universe. And screaming is definitely an option we have to cope. Sometimes I scream, and I feel better momentarily, but the feeling doesn’t last. And usually, if someone hears me scream, I’ve got another problem to deal with and another explanation to give about why I’m yelling at the top of my lungs.

A solution that does, in fact, help me to feel better when life seems to have it out for me, was given to me by a mom I worked with a few years back. The solution, or “trick,” as I call it is Finding the Ugly Beautiful. This involves challenging yourself to think about and focus on the positive, bigger picture when disaster strikes in order to put it into perspective. By focusing on the positive and discounting the negative aspects of the unfortunate event, you’re able to take in what has occurred and see it as less detrimental and life altering. For example, if your car breaks down, instead of focusing on the inconvenience and cost of getting it repaired, think At least I am fortunate enough to have a car. Some people must walk or take the bus everywhere.” When your child gets the flu, think about how blessed you are it isn’t something more serious, or think about how lucky you are to have a child.

Finding the Ugly Beautiful will take some practice, as it involves turning one’s mind. But it does help. And eventually, you learn to find more beautiful in the ugly without trying so hard and life’s roadblocks become a bit more manageable.

How do YOU find the ugly beautiful? We’d love it if you shared your comments. Unable to find the ugly beautiful, no matter how hard you try? Contact Harmony At Home, we’ll give you the guidance to be more positive today.



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