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End of school year slump! Easy Ways to Keep Your Kiddo On Track

Spring break is over but there’s still a month or more of the school year to trudge through. Keeping kids motivated at the end of the school year can certainly be a challenge. With the weather getting nicer and spring sports and activities in full swing, it’s easy to lose sight of grades and homework. Before you know it, you’re scrambling to get your kiddo to complete late work and finish projects before the last bell. This year, be proactive and stay on top of homework with these easy tips:

Structure It Up

Structure is super important for kiddos, especially when the seasons change and new activities are added. Make sure your child has a structured time to complete homework each night. Creating a visual schedule for after school tasks (chores, activities, homework, dinner, etc.) can be extremely helpful. Be sure to create this schedule with your child or teen and include easy to read language and pictures for younger kiddos.

Create a Countdown

It’s often difficult for young kids to mentally grasp the concept of time, so get a wall calendar and create a ritual of crossing off the days until the end of the school year. Bonus: extra math practice for elementary school kids and teens if you ask them related questions (For example, How many days of school are left? and What percentage of total school days remain?).

Eye on the Prize

Kids may need a little extra motivation this time of year. Though a few months may seem like a short time period for adults, for kids this amount of time can appear daunting. Give your kiddo some extra motivation by offering weekly rewards for completed schoolwork and chores. Rewards can include anything from extra screen time to a special one-on-one lunch date with Mom or Dad. Whatever reward you chose, make sure your kiddo is involved in the choice and motivated by the reward (Kids are much more likely to get on board with an idea if they’re involved in the thought process behind it. AND a reward is not reinforcing unless it’s something your kiddo is motivated by!)

Change of Scenery

Keep things interesting by changing up the environment where homework is completed. For example, instead of completing homework at the kitchen table, put a blanket under a tree in the backyard or go to a picnic table at a nearby park. For older kids, offer the privilege of working at a coffee shop during structured homework time.

Together We Can

Sometimes kids resist completing homework because they believe family members are engaged in other more fun, less boring, or more interesting activities. Take one for the team and make an effort to sit down with you child or teen and to complete bills, taxes, or other paperwork during structured homework time so your kiddo doesn’t feel like he or she is missing out.

Got other tips for how you keep your kid on the right track until the end of the school year? Please comment below!

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