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Couple & Adult Therapy

Find a Happier You. Join Together In Harmony

As family life progresses, additional stress, pressure, and challenges arise often derailing family dynamics. Through adult therapy involving the parents and kids, Dr. Luisa is able to get you back on track toward achieving happiness for all family members.

Couples Therapy,

Reignite Your Love

Dr. Luisa can help partners make tough decisions – whether to fix the life you’ve built together or to go down separate paths. During therapy, you’ll dive deep to explore root problems in your relationship and learn invaluable communication tools to decrease conflict and increase respect and understanding between one another.

Depression & Anxiety

There’s no need to fight depression and anxiety on your own. While medication can help mitigate the feelings, proper therapy is able to breakdown the underlying problems to improve your happiness. Gain a partner in your fight and achieve Harmony with Dr. Luisa.


Gain Control

Over time, ADHD can heavily impact the ability to maintain relationships in work and life. It can also limit the amount of success you are able to achieve. Combined with proper medication, expert ADHD therapy with Dr. Luisa can enhance your ability to achieve your life goals.


Improve Communication

Autism Spectrum Disorder often goes undiagnosed for many adults throughout life. Problems for undiagnosed adults typically arise relating to communication and relationships. These problems can present themselves with relationships at home, work, or with a spouse. Dr. Luisa is a leading Denver-area expert in ASD. Her deep understanding of the intricancies of ASD can bring harmony to your relationships

Getting Harmony


Free Consultation

Contact Dr. Luisa for a free phone consultation to learn how she can help your family.


Initial In-Home Session

The initial session is used to gain an understanding of your family dynamic and problems to address. At the conclusion of the session, you’ll have a collaborative treatment plan for success.


As behavior changes and family harmony increases, session frequency decreases. Over time you gain the tools, knowledge, and experience to continue family harmony on your own.

Behavior Improvements

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