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Child Therapy

Our Kids Are Complex. Discover Harmony.

Rewarding Decisions Are The Most Difficult To Make

Deciding to get help for your child is a tough decision. Helping your child is also the most rewarding action. Dr. Luisa is able to treat, counsel, and help all kid, tween, and teen problems. From behavioral problems, to diagnosed mental health disorders, to undiagnosed issues. There are many reasons families and parents seek help. Problems Dr. Luisa has successfully treated include: anxiety, school refusal, phobias and fears, tantrums, family stress and chaos, depression, irritability, defiance, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, sensory integration disorder, social anxiety, disruptive behavior disorder, intermittent explosive disorder, disruptive mood dysregulation disorder, and oppositional defiant disorder.

How do I know if my child can benefit from therapy?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the following, then Dr. Luisa will improve your family’s happiness:

  • Do thoughts about your child’s behavior consume a good portion of your day?

  • Does your child’s behavior interfere with daily family activities?

  • Have you altered your lifestyle because of your child’s behavior?

  • Have the problems been going on for a long period of time?

  • Have you tried solving problems on your own without success?

  • Are you concerned with your child’s safety or the safety of your family?

Let's Get Started

Contact Dr. Luisa to set up a free consultation; the call is typically the same day you email. From there you’ll schedule your first session where you treatment plan is determined. It’s very important to have a great connection with your therapist. If Dr. Luisa is not a good fit, she can provide you with an alternative referral. With Harmony At Home, there’s no long-term treatment contract. Instead, you get a doctor with a mission to improve you family’s life and happiness.

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