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In-Home Therapy

With in-home therapy, Dr. Luisa comes to you. Saving you time and providing convenience to focus on your therapy.

Effectiveness Magnified

Being comfortable helps therapy progress faster. Your home is the ideal place of comfort for you and your kids. This comfort allows your true colors to shine rather than an idealized or shy version of ourselves in a foreign setting. Understanding real behavior is vital to successful therapy, and that realness happens at home.

Change Behaviors As It Occurs

Often behavior problems surface in the home or at play. In-home therapy allows the opportunity to see a child’s actual problem behavior rather than trying to recreate or imagine it in an office setting. With the problem behavior in motion, Dr. Luisa can model effective behavior management, and help you learn the proper action for the future.

Time To Harmony

Behaviors in need of change did not happen overnight. Righting these behaviors takes consistent work, dedication, and time. The more committed you are to working the treatment plan and strategies discussed with Dr. Luisa, the more quickly the results come and stay for good.

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