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Go to Sleep Already! 9 Tips to Get Your Kids to Sleep Fast

I’m convinced whoever invented Daylight saving time didn’t have parents in mind. It’s every parent’s nightmare, wreaking havoc on routines and throwing off everyone’s circadian rhythm. While there’s really nothing to be said or done to actually change Daylight saving time, 9 Tips for Getting Your Kids to Sleep really does a nice job of outlining some simple, realistic tips for helping to get the kids to sleep at bedtime. The article highlights the following:

  1. Establish a consistent bedtime routine

  2. Unplug from electronics at least one hour before bed (I would personally recommend two hours)

  3. Get rid of any monsters- help abolish your child’s fears

  4. Let you kiddo have “the right” snack- turns out the type of snack eaten can really affect your kiddo’s sleep

  5. Let young kids (but not infants) sleep with a comfort object

  6. Set and enforce a consistent bedtime

  7. Create a sleep friendly environment in your child’s bedroom

  8. Use relaxation skills

  9. Try some herbal teas or aromatherapy

Good luck and sleep well!

Have a tip that works for your family? I LOVE comments. Please share below!

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